Sites for Watching Movies and Series Free of Charge: Rare Finds

If you like streaming movies and series for free, you probably know about Putlocker and 123Movies. These sites are usually the go-to places for such purpose. However, there are many other decent sites with great selections of content and tons of interesting films and series. Let’s find out more about the 5 relatively rare finds.

5 sites you should bookmark today

1. Niter Movies is focused on films in HD quality. However, in order to reach the content, you’ll have to create a free account. It’s very easy and doesn’t require much information. The site is regularly updated and you can see all the recently added films on the main page.

2. is full of new movies and series you can stream for free. It stands out by letting you download the content, too. The platform is very simple and user-friendly.

3. has impressive streaming speeds and HD content. The interface and navigation are very simple. You can learn more about the movie by approaching it with a cursor. Keep in mind that it has pop-up ads, just like most of the similar sites.

4. has a rich library of content which is neatly organized. It’s easy to find anything you need using the filters. Unlike most of the sites, you can also sort by the language.

5. MyDownloadTube is a platform to stream and download films and series. It’s very similar to torrent sites as it lets you download content, too.